The Ultimate Guide to Wellness

Making A Great Impact from Seemingly Small Things

It seems that, sometimes, we lose track of putting premium on what are the intangible things, as we perceive them to be simply petty and insignificant, when they are actually the very things that can make a difference in our life. So here are examples of what we perceive as unimportant issues but have, actually, made considerable influence in the way we think and act.

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is a natural body function which is performed every night, because part of the brain has to renew its mind pathways and process whatever information that has been input that day. When you don’t get the right amount of sleep, which is taken as eight hours straight rest, the brain reacts to the insufficiency and alters its naturally designed function and which may effect, consequently, drastic physical changes in our body. Long periods of sleep energizes back the body to perform is daily functions, such as muscle growth, tissue repair, hormone function, as well as thought processing.

Benefits of Personal Hygiene

Good and proper personal hygiene is connected to good health and this comes from performing on a daily basis hygiene habits such as taking a bath at least every day, washing your hands after using the toilet or making/eating food, or handling pets, brushing and flossing the teeth 2-3 times a day. The effect of good personal hygiene is priceless as it helps in maintaining good health for our body by way of making our body clean always, thus preventing illness and infection coming from bacteria or viruses.

Understanding Stress

When you react in a negative way to tremendous pressure from whatever environment you are in, you are actually under the state of stress. These are the physical symptoms in the body when there is stress – fast heartbeat and breathing, headache, back pain, stiff neck or tight shoulders, sweating, and upset stomach or diarrhea. When stress is not properly managed, it can affect all parts of the body, even our mind thoughts, such that a panic attack may be in the bud. To avoid stress, here are healthy ways to follow: getting enough sleep, exercise, managing time for work and yourself, making a balance in life, finding your purpose in life, and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Water is Life

Water is as equally important as life itself, without it there is no life. The main reason why we have to drink water is for it to regulate the temperature in the cells, tissues, and organs. Drinking about 2-3 liters of water every day can help with the heart condition and maintain a balanced and healthy body. When the body is dehydrated, blood tends to thicken, therefore, causing a resistance to flow, resulting in high blood pressure and a rise in blood cholesterol.

How Important is Air

Our body cannot live without oxygen because is it a normal life function that helps burn the fats and sugars for the cells to produce energy. We take in oxygen from the air we breathe in and when we do so, we also release carbon dioxide, which is essential compound needed for plant photosynthesis. Therefore, life cannot continue without air.